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The use of fiction to explore and research the interpretation and meaning of dreams.

Other than all the non-fiction self-help books I've written, I've recently taken some time to write a fiction work.

This novel is not my first, but it is a new approach to examining this subject matter.

Other than having a reason to create a new novel as part of National Novel Writing Month, it was also where I was heading with my research - on several levels. Dreams are an integral part of living, and actually hold more importance to us than are commonly credited.

But I have also found that the straight non-fiction approach to dreams and dream analysis is simply limited in the number of people possible to reach. More people read fiction; more people are here to simply be entertained.

So this book is also an experiment and research into another field of communication. But you'll also see that (along with my previous book, "An Operating Manual for Modern Living") this comes to a point where we're beyond mere self-help - and actually even beyond the formerly "star-high goal" of enlightenment.

Back cover - The Dreamer Dreamed - Get Your Copy Today!The interesting point here is that now fiction is taking over as the forward scout into our cultural understanding of how life is running, and how it can be set to run.

Now, this doesn't change anything about what we already know - that the mind can be re-programmed at will, and used to facilitate manifesting or "attracting" any and all you could want or need. Since I've covered this other places, we don't need to go into it here.

What's key in this line of research is that we are using the genre of fiction to examine some very old concepts - and to also provide some working ideas which people can use to improve their lives. Now, it isn't all that straightforward as to how to do this. But the point of fiction isn't to lay things out exactly. (And metaphysics, particularly New Age, is far from any exact science anyway.)

This site is then to give you a sampling of what the book is all about. And possibly excite some interest in this line of research.

Because, selling books is everything to enabling people to improve their lives.

Have fun.

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