Modern Living hasn't come with any manual -
until now...

The problem has been that you can't get there from here.

Get your copy today!Because everyone has a different roadmap to follow and none are exactly the same as any other's.

Your mileage may vary - and probably will.

However, you're in luck.

Of the  small minority of people who are actually  and honestly looking for a way out, you are one of a few who might have actually found it.

Most people are here just for entertainment - about 95-99%. And that other small percentage is looking for something more sensible to do with their time.  At least in their own estimation.

Unless and until you can find  what you are looking for, and in a format that you can use, it can very possibly be a long and rough haul.

Some of us, however, have been that route and written up what we've found. Of course, this is only our own roadmap, a particularly-tailored suit which fits us to a "T". And very few others.

If you do collect these various roadmaps, you'll find out of them the bits and pieces to construct your own travelling suit. And it's our good fortune in this particular lifetime at this particular time that we can assemble huge volumes of such roadmaps and cross-compare them to wind up with something usable.

It's the sequel, of sorts...

You see, I wrote this all up in "Freedom Is" and a series of books entitled "Go Thunk Yourself!".

And  "An Operating Manual for Modern Living "  is based on what showed up after over a decade of research was completed into self-help and personal development masterworks. That earlier book was the final capstone to all that - and it said that nothing really needed to be written about self-help anymore. So I'm not.

This book is sheerly for your own spiritual training.

So it's not written like any self-help book. It doesn't try to tell you what to do with your life. It doesn't give you any special tricks or methods that will allow you to manifest or attract any volume of money, cars, houses, sexual relationships, or anything else you feel you need or want.

This starts at the point where you are alreay over all that.

Which means, it won't make a lot of sense unless you are willing to throw your mind away and listen with your heart.

Where it begins:

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The deal is that you are here to learn and to teach - as each of us are.

This book is written in the very traditional method of the student asking the teacher whatever is on their mind. While the teacher works to be polite, there is a fair bit of nose-tweaking as our young student learns the  128 lessons in this small book.

And if you are willing to read between the lines, it can be far more valuable than any number of collections by these various authors. But only if you've already mastered what they've said.

So don't buy this book unless you are definately un-serious about learning how to Master modern living. The book will seem silly otherwise.

This is, of course a personal review by the author. And it's just a pitch as well.

You can see that I don't really need you to buy this book. It's not for me anyway - it's for you. But do what you want.

Don't say you haven't been warned...

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