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The Viral Solution to World Peace - "Just Be."

 “To Be or Not to Be…” was the question asked by Shakespeare.

Get more peace in your life - practice and learn: Just Be.The answer: Just Be.


To get the most possible peace back into your life. As well as Freedom, Happiness, Abundance, better relationships, all that.

Of course, it's as easy as sitting quietly in a chair – or first thing in the morning and just Be there.

Some people can make this difficult. It doesn’t really matter how long you can do it for at first. Seconds will help. Don’t worry if the mind is getting cluttered with other thoughts. Just Be.

It gets easier as you practice it.

If you find yourself getting tense or upset at work, just sit there for a moment – close your eyes if you want, take a deep breath and relax if you want – and Just Be.

Of course, don’t do this while you are driving or operating equipment or machinery. But if you get to a pause, and can do so safely, Just Be.

Now, you may want to back this up with other studies. Any of the authors listed on this site will give you some techniques in their books which will help you with this.

Practically, any self-help author, teacher, guru, or lecturer is heading you in this direction.

Because when you get to the end of what they can teach you, once you are really reaching for your own spiritual training – this is going to be in front of you.

And, if you simply practice this for a bit before that lecture, before reading that book, before listening to that recording – it will actually help you get more out of what they are saying.

Because below all self-help, personal development, and spiritual paths to enlightenment is this one datum. You have to Be before you can Do, before you can Have. So if you use Napoleon Hill to Think and Get Rich, you want to Be as best you can. And he has several techniques there to help you  Be better.

Same for Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, Earl Nightingale, Jose Silva, any of these guys.

The better you can Be, the more you can get out of what they are telling you. And after you’ve absorbed everything you can from them, you are right back there again – at the point where you Just Be.

Once you finish all the self and spiritual improvement you think is possible, you are still back at that one point – Be.

And so, this advice to you:

Just Be.

- - - -

You can now get your own t-shirt, mug, clock, framed print, teddy bear, etc. - all which remind you and those around you to "Just Be."

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